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Health & Wellness at Work

Form a Health and Wellness Team or Committee
When you are creating a companywide program, it is important to include the company! Having input from the employees makes the program more accessible, and is a way for you to make sure it is something that every employee can relate to. A health and wellness team/committee is a group of diverse representatives from within the company that assist in the creation of the health and wellness plan. When you create your committee, you want to make sure that you get a broad network of employees. When selecting the committee, you want to include regular employees and senior management.

Examples of Health and Wellness Committee members may include:

  • Human Resources Representatives
  • Employee Nurse
  • Union Representative or Leader
  • Company Legal Representative
  • Executive or Senior Management
  • Marketing Representative
  • Regular Employee Representatives from Various Departments

Define Goals
Once your committee has been determined, you will want to collectively define your goals. Hopefully you have done your research and determined what the needs are in your company. Your committee can review the information collected and determine what type of programs need to be implemented. Having your goals clearly defined will help you create a blueprint of how to build your health and wellness program. Clearly defined goals are important but you also need them to be realistic. A realistic goal is a goal that can be attained in a practical fashion. For example, while most of us would like to set a goal of 100% participation in the wellness program, that is unrealistic. A more realistic goal would be 65% participation.

When setting the goals, here are some things to consider:

  • Who is the goal for? Is it for the whole company, a select demographic of employees, or a specific department?
  • Is this something the employees would be willing to participate in?
  • How can it be implemented? What kind of man power and resources is it going to take?
  • When should it be implemented? Is this something that you can start immediately or seasonally?
  • What is the preferred action or reaction?
  • How can the success rate be measured?
  • How often can the success rate be measured?
  • Is there an incentive, and if so, what is it?


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